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Our Key Features

Taskflo is a SaaS solution that offers a customer-facing tool designed to assist Customer Success Managers in managing their clients. Our platform includes four key features that help you manage your clients more efficiently and effectively.

Taskflo allows companies to digitize the onboarding process resulting in a quicker TTFV (time-to-first-value) for your customers while increasing overall customer retention.

Onboarding Management

Taskflo's onboarding management feature helps you streamline the onboarding process for new clients, allowing you to get them up and running faster and with less hassle.

Project Management

Our project management feature enables you to manage all aspects of your client projects from a single, centralized location, making it easier to keep track of project status, timelines, and deadlines.

Renewal Management

Taskflo's renewal management feature helps you simplify the process of renewing client contracts, reducing the administrative burden and allowing you to focus on delivering value to your clients.

In-App Messenger

Our in-app messenger feature enables you to communicate with your clients directly within the platform, making it easier to collaborate, share files, and keep everyone on the same page.

Efficient Analytics

Taskflo's efficient analytics feature provides you with detailed insights into your client data, enabling you to make better-informed decisions and identify opportunities for improvement.

Digest Emails

Our digest emails feature enables you to stay on top of key client metrics and KPIs, delivering regular updates directly to your inbox so you can stay informed and take action when needed.

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